Tour Description

Freeride with snowmobiles are ideal option for small groups and freeriders who want to do more runs in one day.

Lifting on snowmobiles is faster and they are more mobile than snowcats. And per day they make 1.5 times more vertical meters than snowcats (4000+ vertical meters per day). Freeriders do NOT ride on a rope behind a snowmobile when it goes up, they sit on a snowmobile. One snowmobile takes two clients.

Freeride with snowmobiles is available in Kazakhstan near the Ridder city. This is a small mining town located in the Altai Mountains. It is surrounded by the Ivanovskiy, Serzhinskiy and Prokhodnoy ridges. It is on these ridges that we make freeride tours.

Kazakh Altai is a stable snow cover from second half of Nivember to late March, with fresh powder and prepared mountain roads for lifting.

Accommodation is possible in a forest guest house or in a comfortable hotel. Every evening you can rest in the sauna.

The cost of freeride with snowmobiles from 250,000 tenge for two persons.

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Tour Overview

  • TypeSnowmobile freeriding
  • LocationRidder
  • LanguagesDeutsch, English, Russian