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The small mining town of Ridder is located in the East Kazakhstan region among the ridges of the Altai Mountains. You can get here by plane to Ust-Kamenogorsk, and then we will organize a transfer to cat skiing base in Ridder.

This is the snowiest region of Kazakhstan, the height of the snow cover here reaches 3.5 meters. And the arrival of climatic winter already in November encourages the opening of the cat skiing season in Ridder.

The first cat-skiing base in Kazakhstan began operating in the mountains of Western Altai more than 10 years ago. The unique geographical location of the base near the Serzhinsky, Prokhodnoy, Cherepanovsky, Smetaninsky ridges covers cat-skiing area of 100 square kilometers. With a height difference of each descent from 450 to 1000 meters.

Currently, there are 5 snowcats operating in different locations in the Ridder area.

Freeriders can choose which accommodation option suits them better. Living conditions also depend on this. You can stay in an authentic guesthouse in the forest, or choose a comfortable hotel with a restaurant and spa.

It is also possible to stay in the center of Ridder in an inexpensive hotel, rent an apartment or rent a hut in the mountains.

Cat-skiing season in Ridder lasts from the end of November to the first days of April, you will find fresh powder, prepared roads for quickly getting snowcats up the mountain and low competition among freeriders for untouched snow. This is due to frequent snowfalls, as well as the fact that the locations where snowcats operate are leased, and only one snowcat operates on each individual mountain/ridge.

The cost of one day of cat-skiing in Ridder is 55,000 — 60,000 tenge, depending on the chosen location.

Also in Ridder there are options of ski touring in Ridder and heliskiing in Altai.

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  • TypeCat-Skiing
  • LocationRidder
  • LanguagesDeutsch, English, Russian

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